Exploring Charlottesville’s Brewery Scene

Exploring Charlottesville's Brewery Scene

Exploring Charlottesville’s Brewery Scene reveals a rich array of tastes,
traditions, and tales as varied and inviting as the breweries themselves. Each spot boasts a
distinct blend of craft brewing, marrying time-honored techniques with innovative practices to
produce distinctive, unparalleled beers. From the lively urban setting of Charlottesville to the
tranquil vistas of its outskirts, the region promises a memorable exploration for both avid beer
lovers and those simply looking for a pleasant outing.

Decipher Brewing

Nestled in Charlottesville’s core, Decipher Brewing shines with its dedication to craftsmanship
and community. This entirely veteran-owned establishment has grown from modest beginnings
on a home stove to a creator of prize-winning brews. Though it doesn’t offer its own food,
Decipher creates a warm environment where visitors can bring their meals or order in, making it
a friendly spot for both humans and dogs.

Selvedge Brewing

For a taste of tradition fused with modern flair, Selvedge Brewing is a destination worth visiting.
Set in a converted woolen mill, Selvedge pairs sophisticated pub fare, made from local
ingredients, with a selection of its staple beers, wines, cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Blue Mountain Brewery

A short drive from Charlottesville, Blue Mountain Brewery captivates with stunning vistas of the
Blue Ridge Mountains. As the pioneer rural brewery in Virginia, it offers a mix of classic and
seasonal brews, along with a full menu that ensures a relaxed dining experience.

South Street Brewery

South Street Brewery, the oldest brewery and pub in Charlottesville, marries the classic brewery
experience with contemporary touches. It serves a variety of beers, from time-tested favorites to
avant-garde creations, alongside a comprehensive food menu from starters to sweets.

Starr Hill Brewery

Starr Hill Brewery, with origins in a music hall, has grown into a nationally recognized craft beer
brand. Its venues feature a changing lineup of beers, and while they welcome food from outside,
they often host food trucks and local pop-ups, providing a well-rounded experience.

Three Notch’d Brewing Company

Three Notch’d Brewing Company excels in both beer making and culinary innovation, offering
dishes infused with beer that highlight the harmony between brewing and cooking. The menu,
designed to pair with the beers and the seasons, offers inventive twists on traditional favorites.

Random Row Brewing Co.

Random Row Brewing Co. focuses on community engagement, serving locally crafted beers,
wood-fired pizzas, and hosting regular events. It’s a place for gathering with loved ones for
enjoyable moments and exceptional tastes.
The Charlottesville Ale Trail offers an exciting adventure, featuring a digital passport to guide
visitors through a selection of craft breweries, cideries, and distilleries. Each destination
enriches the vibrant local craft beer landscape, providing an in-depth, enjoyable learning
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